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Monday, November 7, 2011

Rare disease discovered in Tasmania of Australia

Via Xinhua :

" A rare disease never seen in the southern hemisphere before, named tularaemia, has been discovered in Tasmania of Australia, state Deputy Director of Public Health, Dr Chrissie Pickin, confirmed on Friday.

Two women contracted tularaemia after being bitten and scratched by sick possums in western Tasmania. While the disease is well known in North America and parts of Europe and Asia, it is believed the Tasmanian case is the first in the southern hemisphere.

Veterinarian Dr James Harris said it has a range of effects on humans.

"It causes a septicemia, an infection which circulates in the blood, and pneumonia and unless it is treated it can be a fatal disease," he said in a statement. "(It can be) treated with antibiotics very successfully."

Pickin said both cases have recovered, and warned people to avoid handling wild animals and see their General Practice if scratched or bitten."

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