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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fiji : One dead due to dengue

Article from The Fiji Times Online :

" A 28-YEAR old woman has died of dengue fever.

The mother of one becomes the first victim of water-borne diseases brought on by heavy rain over a two week period.

The death - and an increase in flood-related diseases - has compelled Commissioner Western Commander Joeli Cawaki to issue an urgent health warning to all residents of flood ravaged areas.

He said there were 18 confirmed cases of dengue.

And of the 14 reported cases of typhoid, 12 have been confirmed. Of the 69 suspected cases of leptospirosis, six have been confirmed.

"This is a serious matter and we are urging members of the public to always take extra precautions," Cdr Cawaki said.

"All cases are from flood affected areas," he said.

Maraia Lewatu of Naviago in Lautoka died on Sunday morning. She leaves behind her nine-year old daughter.

Cdr Cawaki said Maraia had a cut on her leg and it was first thought that her illness was caused by the mud."

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