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Friday, February 17, 2012

India : Pregnant woman tests positive for swine flu in Jodhpur

Article via Times of India :

" A pregnant woman has tested positive for swine flu in Jodhpur. It is the seventh case of the disease this winter and the woman has been admitted to the MDM Hospital here.

The hospital authorities have kept her in the isolation ward to ensure that it does not spread.

Jodhpur chief medical and health officer Dr R C Mathur said, "The condition of the patient is improving. She is all right as the doctors have started treatment after diagnosis."

The patient is a resident of Sursagar area of Jodhpur. She was brought to the hospital early this week with symptoms of swine flu. After tests, the doctors confirmed on Wednesday that she has swine flu.

So far this winter, seven persons with swine flu were admitted to the MDM Hospital. Four of them belonged to Jodhpur and two are from Pali and one from other district. In the beginning of January, a swine flu patient died which alerted the health department."

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