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Thursday, April 12, 2012

More dengue victims on Niue but authorities say outbreak under control

Via Radio NZ :

" Health authorities on Niue are confident that they are on top of the latest dengue outbreak that has infected 20 people to date.

The chief medical officer, Dr Eddie Akau’ola, says this outbreak began about three weeks ago but they believe they have been able to contain it.

He says it is peaking now and they expect a decline in a week or two.

Dr Akau’ola says none of the cases have been too serious.

“We have mild to moderate cases. We haven’t had a severe case and we haven’t lost anyone to dengue. We don’t see the hemorrhagic form yet. Unfortunately we don’t have the serotyping - we are still sending away the specimens for that, but we only have the mild to moderate forms."

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