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Monday, October 17, 2011

Zambia: Rabies Outbreak Leaves One Man Dead

Via All Africa :

" RABIES has broken out in Mansa District which has recorded 14 cases and one death in the recent past.

District livestock officer Beatwell Mbewe said yesterday in Mansa that the 14 cases were recorded in Chembe area while one person died in Mwang'uni after being bitten by an infected dog.

Mr Mbewe said despite there being no cure, the disease could be prevented if a person bitten by a rabid dog received treatment before the symptoms manifested.

He said one of the commonest symptoms of rabies in human beings was failure to swallow food or having a condition known as hydrophobia, or fear to drink water.

As a way to prevent the spread of the disease, the department of livestock had embarked on a mass rabies vaccination campaign in which more than 500 dogs in Mansa District were expected to be covered."

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