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Monday, October 17, 2011

Indonesia : Bangli, Bali - The mother of two H5N1 victims dies

This must be one of the breaking news I've seen so far, my earlier post indicated that this patient fled the hospital and now Ida at Bird Flu Information Corner has a report indicating that this patient has died :

" Bali : A woman died in her house, in Jehem village, Tembuku sub-district, Bangli, Bali. Officers suspected bird flu (H5N1) infection and collected the sample of the woman.

Victim is the mother whose two children died of H5N1 in Sanglah hospital several days ago (view previous). After that the mother developed fever and then treated in Bangli hospital. When she was in hospital, her blood examination showed negative H5N1. She left the hospital and died two days after.

Victim is treated as she infected by bird flu H5N1, where the officers are wearing bio-security clothes. Mourners are obliged to wear mask."

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