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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Indonesia : 8 Regions under Avian Flu Attack in Bali

Machine translated article via Harian Seputar :

" Bali Animal Husbandry Department reported outbreaks of bird flu has spread to eight regions after the deaths of two boys from the case of a positive Bangli infected with H5N1.

Bali Animal Husbandry Agency head Putu Sumantra said this year the number of dead birds is relatively small, but the level of the case is very surprising, after causing the death of two sisters from Bangli.

"It was quite surprising, let alone the relatively fast diffusion rate," he said yesterday. This condition, Sumantra said, almost like a case of bird flu which are astonishing in 2007, where for the first time found in human cases of bird flu that claimed two victims died.

At that time, the case of poultry deaths occurred in all districts / cities in Bali by the number of dead birds reached 4000 animals."

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