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Thursday, October 20, 2011

India : Delhi hit by dengue, malaria cases

Via The Hindu :

" Already grappling with various allergies and viral fever, Delhi has registered 479 dengue cases, 218 malaria cases, 12 cases of chikungunya and five confirmed cases of Japanese Encephalitis this season.

Though Delhi Health Minister Dr. A.K. Walia said the figures were not alarming and that the situation was under control, he, however, admitted that there was a need for more aggressive public participation in ensuring that breeding of disease-causing mosquitoes stays under control.

“We have recorded four dengue deaths this season but compared to previous years the number of deaths is lower. As for private hospitals reporting a larger number of dengue deaths, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi does not take into account the over 30 per cent dengue cases treated in Delhi but are from outside the Capital. We also do not take into account dengue cases that test positive on the dengue fever rapid test kit."

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