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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nepal : Diarrhea grips Bajura; no docs

Via Himalayan Times :

" BAJURA: Number of patients suffering from diarrhea has immoderately gone up in Bajura immediately after the end of this year’s Dashain festival.

Diarrhea outbreak has influenced 11 VDCs of the northern belt of the district including Koleti, Kotila, Sappata, Gotri, Jagannath, Wai, Bandhu, Rugin when locals here consumed half-cooked and contaminated flesh in Dashain.

People have been suffering from various diseases due to the consumption of stale food and substandard meat items kept outside freeze for a long time, informed Dharma Raj Upadhyay, a local of Kotila VDC.

Every day over 40 patients complaining of diarrhea, dysentery and indigestion are visiting the Kolti Primary Health Centre during and after the Dashain, informed Assistant Health Worker Tej Singh Saud.

There is no single doctor providing health services to locals though three permanent quotas of doctors are allocated for the district."

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