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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Indonesia : Bird Flu Attack Bajoe

Translated report from Ujung Pandang Ekspres :

" BONE, Upeks : Dozens of chickens Village residents Bajoe Riattang Tanete Eastern District of Bone, died suddenly in the last three days. Dozens of dead chickens, the bird flu positive.

This was disclosed Head of Health Department of Animal Bone, drh Haris Handono, after taking samples of dead chickens residents on Wednesday (6 / 10). According to him, the test results of livestock that died suddenly within three days, the result is positive contracted the bird flu virus.

Some chicken farmers in the village Bajoe, today began alarmed by the results of tests on dead chickens. One of the many residents who flock died suddenly, was Iwan. According to him already about 13 fish dead chicken. It had reported the incident to the District Livestock Service Bone."

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