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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Indonesia : Bird Flu Cases Increase in Magelang

Translated report from Suara Merdeka :

" Magelang, CyberNews : Changes in extreme weather caused bird flu cases rise in Magelang District. Last year the chickens that died from the virus AI (Avian Influenza) 327 tail, now reaching 556 tails also tailed quail 1508.

"The case of bird flu occurred last year 11, until now already 17," said Ir John Ch Manglapy, Animal Health Section Chief, Department Peterikan (Animal Husbandry and Fisheries) Magelang regency, on Wednesday (20/10).The assurance that the data obtained after his side perform rapid test on samples of chicken and quail that died suddenly.

AI virus spread in seven districts, covering Ngluwar, Grabag, Secang, Mungkid, Borobudur, Kaliangkrik and Pakis.Prevention of bird flu can be done by always maintain the cleanliness of the cage and spray disinfectant. Animal Husbandry Department itself still has a supply of 350 liters and ranchers can request for free."

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