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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indonesia : Bird Flu Suspect Dies in Dr. M. Djamil, Padang

Hat tip to BGW at Flu Wiki for this. An article via Koran Digital :

" 4 Hours After getting treatment on disease isolation room in Dr M. Djamil Padang, Indri Rahmiwati patients suspected of suspect bird flu that comes from the village of Sungai Janiah Jorong Janiah River District talu Talamau Nagari West Pasmana District (Pasbar) died around 04.00 pm Monday (25/10).

Meanwhile, the Chief Medical Officer Pasbar Yandra Ferry accompanied Kasi Survelen and disaster prevention, Dr. Kasi Penangulangan Syafrida and Disease Prevention drg. Bosman Hirlund confirmed the incident (26/10).

He said, before getting treatment in disease isolation room in Dr M Djamil Padang, Indri Rahmi pendonor (5), was undergoing treatment at hospitals Pukesmas talu and pulled Pasbar. "Said Yandra. But because the condition is not recovered, then the medical team refers to Dr M Djamil Padang, with suspected bird flu. So when I got Dr M Djamil Padang, Indri Rahmi pendonor directly receive care in isolation rooms."

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