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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Malaysia : Villagers fear outbreak of bird flu

An article from New Straits Times, I'm not too sure why and how come these villagers are suspecting bird flu out of the sudden. Something we need a close eye on.

" TANGKAK: Villagers in Kampung Parit Medan are worried over a possible outbreak of bird flu virus following the sighting of the carcasses of hundreds of swiftlets and chickens in their village here.

What shocked the witnesses was that some birds that were perched on an electric cable suddenly fell to the ground and died.On Oct 11, resident Norodin Badri, 51, said he stumbled upon the mysterious death of swiftlets when he came out of a mosque at 4.30pm.

"I saw a group of swiftlets in various places near the mosque, such as at the playground and by the side of the mosque, and suddenly the birds, about 200 of them, just fell to the ground and died."

Norodin said some of the residents believed that the swiftlets had been struck by lightning."

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