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Friday, October 15, 2010

Namibia : Sudden outbreak of illness scares town

An article from The Namibian, a mysterious disease?? :

" An unknown disease almost caused the closing of the Nuuyoma Senior Secondary School in Omusati Region on Monday.

Children began to get sick last week Thursday. The principal, Silas Mulongeni, told The Namibian the symptoms presented were stomach ache, vomiting, high temperatures, headache, neck pain and typical cold symptoms.Blood samples have been sent to Windhoek for tests. Dr Ozimede Stanislaus yesterday said no test results have been received from Windhoek yet.

Mulongeni said even some of the workers and teachers at that school started complaining about the same symptoms. More than 90 pupils out of a total number of 720 pupils were affected by Monday.Mulongeni said they first took patients to the Oshikuku Catholic hospital for treatment, but the situation worsened from last Friday up to SundayBecause of the threat of meningitis in some regions, and the rapid spread of the sickness, the Oshikuku Hospital decided to keep patients in isolation and that doctors and nurses rather treat those affected at the school hostel.

Mulongeni said the school has 28 teachers and 30 workers. He said classes and general work in the school have been severely affected Apparently other learners are in panic, and are asking for immunisation.Patients have been put in isolation in a part of one of the hostels where they are being monitored and treated by Dr Stanislaus and assisted by some nurses.

Rumours are now going around that the school has been affected by H1N1."

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