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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Indonesia : Bird Flu Spreads Again

More reports coming out of Indonesia with regards to bird flu. This time a report from Bengkulu Ekspress :

" Yesterday, 10 chickens belonging Syamsir (35) Permanent Sub stabbed Village. Of the samples taken his side, 10 chickens suspected to have a virus tested positive for bird flu so Dispertanak determine the status of emergency for the Area 4 district, Central Tenebrous South Kaur, Padang Jar Hulu and now the Permanent Sub.

But so far there has been no report of human mnyerang or better known as suspect bird flu or H5N1 virus.

It is known after a number of teams that tergambung in, officers Participatory Deasease Surveylens and Response (PDSR) or Bird Flu Response teams conduct sampling. This was revealed by Head of Agriculture and Livestock Ir Buyung Wiyadi to BE, yesterday."

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