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Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Zealand : Swine flu claims son

An article from Stuff :

" ALVIN STOCK didn't think it necessary to go to the doctor when he got the flu.

When he finally did it was too late.

Alvin was admitted to hospital with suspected pneumonia but the final diagnosis was swine flu and he was immediately put into an induced coma. He spent 46 days in this state.

Alvin's family thought his condition was improving and he would be able to go home when he was struck down with a fungal infection which attacked his lungs.

Alvin died on October 7 aged 52.

Now his father Alan Stock is warning others to get help sooner.

"Being the tough guy, Alvin didn't think he needed to go to the doctor," the New Lynn resident says.

"My message is if you're sick, go to the doctor.

"Especially for males – women generally have enough sense to go but men don't."

Alvin was a smoker but had no underlying health issues.

Two patients admitted to North Shore Hospital around the same time as Alvin also died of the disease. One was an asthmatic and one had heart problems.

The Health Ministry says the overall influenza activity has dropped but continued vigilance is important."

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