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Thursday, October 28, 2010

WHO : Cholera in Haiti

WHO's notification with regards to the cholera situation in Haiti :

" 26 October 2010 : As of the evening of 25 October, the Ministry of Health of the Government of Haiti has reported 3 342 confirmed cases including 259 fatalities. Suspected cases are being investigated in the North and South departments, and five cases have been confirmed in the West Department, where the capital, Port-au-Prince is located.

Currently there are 12 cholera treatment centers being built to support isolation and treatment of cases: six in Artibonite, one in Central, and five in Port-au-Prince.

The emphasis is on prevention by ensuring clean water, promoting good personal hygiene, and food handling practices, including hand washing and trying to prevent defecation in open areas.
As just under half of reported deaths so far are taking place in hospitals, but more than half are in the community, PAHO is in the process of mobilizing experts in the area of proper body disposal to travel to Haiti.

WHO's Region for the Americas (PAHO) continues to mobilize international experts including epidemiologists, risk communication, case management, laboratory, water and sanitation, logistics, and LSS/SUMA (humanitarian supply management system) to Haiti and also to the Dominican Republic.

PAHO’s PROMESS (Program on Essential Medicine and Supplies) warehouse currently has stocks of medicines and antibiotics, and PAHO is procuring additional stocks of intravenous fluids and medical supplies."

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