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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Indonesia : Bird Flu Spreads - Dozens of chickens died suddenly in Barru

Translated report from Fajar Lokal, excerpt :

" Barru : Outbreaks of bird flu continued to spread. After being found in some areas, such as Pinrang and Sidrap, now bird flu is found in Mangkoso and Sumpang Binangae Barru. Even in Pinrang, chickens that died suddenly reported to have reached tens of thousands.

In two days, dozens of chickens in Mangkoso and Sumpang Binangae reported sudden death. Based on the results of Barru Animal Husbandry Department, chickens that died suddenly was positive bird flu.

An official at the Health Department to disseminate Mangkoso after handling bird flu at the District Head Office Soppeng Riaja, Wednesday, October 6 states, in fact the number of chickens that died in Mangkoso has reached hundreds, but the last residents of this report is only five male. "Five dead chickens that are then we check and the results are positive for bird flu," he said."

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