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Monday, October 24, 2011

New Zealand : Meningococcal disease nearly claims daughter

Via NZ Herald :

" A Northland father who is watching his 12-year-old daughter battle the deadly meningococcal disease is urging parents to be vigilant.

"If you suspect something is not right, get them to a doctor as soon as possible," Whangarei dad Dave Clapperton told the Northern Advocate today (Sunday).

"It's been a trying and scary last few days. We nearly lost our daughter."

Mr Clapperton wanted to issue the warning after his daughter complained of feeling sick then rapidly deteriorated with a rash quickly covering her body.

Teegan Clapperton was still in the intensive care unit at Starship Hospital in Auckland today but she had woken briefly and was showing positive signs of recovery.

The normally bubbly Teegan had been to the movies with friends on Tuesday and returned home telling her parents she felt sick.

"We had members of the family with the flu but in the back of our minds we were wary it could be meningitis," Mr Clapperton said.

About 8am Wednesday morning Teegan was still unwell and as soon as the Paramount Medical Centre was opened she was taken to the family doctor. A short time later a rash started to cover her body."

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