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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nepal : Joint secy dies of swine flu virus

Via The Himalayan Times :

A government secretary died of swine flu virus today. Bhawa Krishna Bhattarai was joint secretary at the National Planning Commission. He died at Norvic Hospital in Kathmandu this morning.

Dr Baburam Marasini, Director, Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, said Bhattarai was given Tamiflu after he was diagnosed with an influenza pandemic. 

However, there was no official confirmation to this effect from the hospital. Dr Marasini said his office had asked the hospital to forward details (relating to death) to the Department of Health.

A source at the hospital told this daily that Bhattarai had recently returned from the United States and was admitted to the hospital a week ago. 

When in the hospital, tests conducted on him confirmed that he was infected with H1N1 virus. Dr Ramesh Chokhani was attending to Bhattarai."

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