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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Indonesia : Boy in Bekasi Suspected Bird Flu Death

Machine translated article via Post Kota News, not a perfect translation but you get the basic info of the case :

" Children bodyguard Mayor of Bekasi, suspected of having the H5N1 virus (bird flu), died on Wednesday (19/6). Boy 2,5 years residents Housing BTN Masnaga, Village Jakamulya, District of Bekasi Selatan, Bekasi.

RBP's initials boy, died at Friendship Hospital around 08:00, "The victim, a doctor said Friendship Hospital, Jakarta, was sentenced positive for bird flu," said the victim's uncle, Tri Wahyono

According to him, the early symptoms of the disease casualties occurred on Saturday (15/6) when the body of the couple's son and Emmy Respati Seno Putro Diah Susanti, fever and shortness of breath. "The family took him to the hospital.

From the analysis of medical Hermina Prosperity, the victim's body indicated the bird flu, so refer to the Friendship Hospital in Jakarta, Wednesday (19/6). "On Friendship Hospital, the victim was diraw.

According to him, parties family has been agreed in order that the bodies of victims not interred at the funeral home because of considerations of her illness.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anne, Chief Medical Officer of Bekasi, when contacted Pos Kota said it was exploring the possibility of the occurrence of bird flu."

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