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Friday, June 21, 2013

Malaysia : Seven deaths, 122 cases of rat urine infection so far in Kelantan

Via The Malaysian Insider, excerpt :

" There have been 122 cases of rat urine infection (leptospirosis)and seven deaths recorded in Kelantan June 10 this year, showing an increase over 2011 and 2012 figures.

Kelantan director of health Datuk Ahmad Razin Ahmad Maher said the number of deaths was the highest since the compulsory reporting of cases was gazetted in December 2010.

"Kota Baru recorded the highest number of cases at 24 this year, followed by Gua Musang (20 cases), Kuala Krai (14) and Pasir Mas (14)," he said in a statement in Kota Baru today.

Ahmad Razin said 20% of the cases involved those aged 13 to 19, and 60% were between 20 and 55 years old.

In 2011, only one death was reported out of 276 cases, and last year, four deaths out of 186 cases.

Bernama reported yesterday that Sheikh Mohd Alif Sheikh Mohd Fauzi, 17, a student of Maahad Tahfiz Darul Anuar, Pulau Melaka, who went camping at Bukit Bakar in Machang last month, died on Tuesday due to leptospirosis.

Referring to the case, Ahmad Razin said 285 students and 20 teachers from the school attended the camp at the Bukit Bakar Recreational Forest from May 14-16."

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