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Friday, June 14, 2013

Jordan : Over 100 tuberculosis cases registered this year

Article via The Jordan Times, excerpt :

 The Ministry of Health has registered 120 cases of tuberculosis (TB) since the beginning of this year among Jordanians and other nationals residing the Kingdom, excluding Syrians, a ministry official said on Thursday.
Khaled Abu Rumman, director of the National Programme to Stop TB, said 56 of these cases were foreigners living in the country, who “are still here receiving treatment”.
Meanwhile, 55 Syrian refugees in Jordan have been diagnosed with the disease since 2011, Abu Rumman added.
“We provide Syrian TB patients with medication, food and financial assistance, as we provide these services to any Jordanian who has the disease”, he told The Jordan Times.
He previously noted that the monthly cost of medication for each of these patients is JD150.
Last year, 330 TB cases were detected among Jordanians and 69 among non-Jordanians residing in the country, according to official figures."

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