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Monday, June 17, 2013

Malaysia : Kelantan Health Dept Urges People To Report Death Of Fowls

This is an article from Bernama, a local news portal. I find this news quite odd just the fact that it makes me wonder why only 1 state in particular (located up North in Malaysia, currently ruled by the opposition political party) is sending out calls to the public to report unusual deaths among poultry. Maybe it's just me.

" The Kelantan Health Department urged the public to report unusually high numbers of death among chicken, ducks and birds to the nearest Veterinary Office to determine the type of virus contracted by the fowls.

It's director Datuk Dr Ahmad Razin Ahmad Mahir said the department was monitoring respiratory cases at local clinics and hospitals to prevent the spread of Avian Influenza.

Ahmad Razin said 132 cases of the disease have been detected in China as of May 29.

"So far there is no restriction of travel between Malaysia and China. But we advise travelers there to stay away from markets selling live fowls.

"And to seek immediate medical attention and wear a face mask if they experience respiratory infections upon their return," he said in a statement here Saturday.

He said 180 personnel from various government agencies took part in a simulation aimed at evaluating the preparedness of health facilities in handling a possible epidemic.

Avian Influenza or bird flu is a disease which is contagious among fowls such as chicken, ducks, geese and birds caused by the Type A influenza virus and has various sub-types, including H5N1 and H7N9.

The virus can spread to humans through direct and indirect contact with diseased fowls."

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