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Monday, June 24, 2013

7 killed by dengue hemorrhagic fever in Honduras

Via El Economista :

The Ministry of Health of Honduras confirmed the death of three people due to DHF with totaling seven so far in 2013.

The chairman of the Oversight Board that directs temporarily Health portfolio, Salvador Pineda, told reporters that the three new deaths from dengue hemorrhagic fever were confirmed last Friday, but did not specify details of the deceased, and his place of origin.

Pineda made a new appeal to all social sectors of the country to get involved in the campaign for the prevention and control of dengue.
The health authorities of Honduras declared Saturday "red alert" (emergency) in 28 of the 298 municipalities in the country because of the increase in cases of classic dengue and hemorrhagic suspicions.
On Friday, authorities had declared preventive health alert in 112 municipalities, about that next Tuesday, at the session of the Council of Ministers, to be held in the southern city of Choluteca, if passed will define "emergency" he said Honduran President Porfirio Lobo."

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