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Friday, February 7, 2014

Mexico on Alert Over H1N1 Influenza: 2,994 Cases and 314 Deaths Registered

Via Latinos Post :

Mexico health authorities are on alert due to the recent spike in the number of cases and deaths caused by the H1N1 influenza virus this year.

According to the most recent report from Mexico's Ministry of Health, up to Feb. 1, 2014, 2,994 cases of influenza have been registered in the country, and 314 people lost their lives to the virus.
According to CNN México, at least 2,554 of the total number of cases was caused by A(H1N1), a virus that in 2009 killed 19,000 people around the world.
Furthermore, 144 cases were caused by A(H3N2), 47 by B(H3N2) and 259 due to other types, reported the Ministry of Health in a press release for the media."

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