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Monday, September 6, 2010

Hong Kong : Children hardest hit by swine flu

An article from The Standard :

" Up to 45 percent of children aged five to 14 were infected with H1N1 during the first wave of the swine flu pandemic in Hong Kong last year, according to a serological study announced at an international flu symposium.

The University of Hong Kong collected blood samples from 40,000 citizens from June to November 2009, and found 11 percent of the local population was infected with swine flu.

The 45 percent infection rate of children was highest. Citizens aged 15 to 59 had infection rates of between 7 and 20 percent.

The five-day flu symposium, which ends tomorrow, is being attended by international influenza specialists at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

"When half of the Hong Kong children were infected with a virus from nowhere, can you just ignore this situation and not make any protective measures?" asked conference chairman Malik Peiris, professor in microbiology at HKU."

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