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Sunday, September 5, 2010

India : Influenza B was behind Moradabad mystery fever

An article from Times of India, looks like the mystery is solved in Moradabad, hopefully :

" LUCKNOW: The riddle of mystery fever in Bhansiya village of Moradabad district of UP has finally been solved. According to the report submitted by the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD), the infectious fever, which claimed seven lives, was caused by Influenza B virus. The report has confirmed the presence of H1N1 virus in the area.

Confirming the news, chief surveillance officer, integrated disease surveillance programme, UP, Dr Purnima Srivastava said, "we have been communicated about the findings. In the wake of this, health authorities in the Moradabad division have been directed to increase surveillance in their area so that no patient is left untracked.''

To recap, death of seven children following a `mystery' fever in Bhansiya village sent alarm bells ringing late last month. Around 35 children with similar symptoms were hospitalised and the development sent entire health machinery into a tizzy. A committee was constituted by the state government to probe the reason. Later, swab samples of all the affected kids were sent to NICD for a confirmatory test."

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