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Monday, September 6, 2010

New type of bacteria with antibiotic-resistant NDM-1 found in Japan

Via Japan Today :

" TOKYO : A new type of superbug with the NDM-1 gene, which is resistant to most antibiotics, has been found in one patient at a university hospital in Tochigi Prefecture, which will be the first case in Japan if confirmed, public health officials said Monday.

A final confirmation process is currently under way, according to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry and local health authorities.

The NDM-1 gene has been detected in intestinal bacteria such as E.coli and another that can invade the lungs called Klebsiella pneumonia, which without the gene are mostly harmless to the human body.

Health authorities are on the alert as the superbug can easily spread from one kind of intestinal bacterium to another even among healthy people, causing pneumonia and other diseases if it spreads to more highly pathogenic bacteria.

According to Dokkyo Medical University Hospital, E.coli with the NDM-1 gene was detected May last year in the patient—a Japanese man in his 50s who had traveled to South Asia.

The patient already left the hospital and no in-hospital infections were observed, according to the hospital."

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