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Friday, April 15, 2011

India : Viral gastroenteritis on the rise in city

Via Times of India,excerpt :

" GURGAON: During the past fortnight, the number of viral gastroenteritis cases in Gurgaon have increased four fold, particularly among children.

According to Dr Gulshan Arora of Gurgaon Civil Hospital, poor civic amenities like stagnant sewage water and open drains have only added to the severity of the situation. "The poor quality of water is the main reason for such a rapid increase in gastro problems in the city. Generally, sewage water gets mixed with ground water from these stagnant pools," said Dr Arora. He added that people should wash their hands thoroughly before cooking or serving food.

With temperature and humidity conditions being optimum for microbial growth, viral gastroenteritis can be caused by eating contaminated food such as ice cream which is not stored properly, and drinking water."

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