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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Japan : Radioactive water leak at Fukushima plant stops

From NHK News :

" The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says radioactive water stopped leaking into the sea from a concrete pit on Wednesday morning.

Tokyo Electric Power Company plans to check if there are any new leaks.

TEPCO says it confirmed that the water flow stopped at 5:38 AM.

On Tuesday, workers drilled a hole to reach the gravel below the pit and poured 1,500 liters of a hardening agent called liquid glass. TEPCO says this has stopped the flow. The company released a photo which shows that water is no longer flowing into the ocean.

On Saturday, the company spotted water contaminated with high-level radioactive substances leaking from a crack in the pit of the Number 2 reactor. TEPCO said the contaminated water was flowing from a damaged pipe onto the gravel, then into the pit and finally out to sea.

The company had tried a variety of measures to stop the water flow.

The latest move comes as the company continues to release low-level radioactive water from the plant into the sea. The discharge started on Monday to free storage space for higher-level radioactive water. As of 11 PM on Tuesday, 5,600 tons had been expelled into the ocean.

TEPCO has been trying to contain radioactive dust by spraying synthetic resin around the reactors. The company says it will continue this successful operation."

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