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Monday, April 18, 2011

US - Hawaii : Public urged to be more vigilant in reducing spread of Dengue Fever

Article from Hawaii News Now, excerpt :

" KALIHI : There are now nearly 50 suspected Dengue Fever cases in Hawaii awaiting lab confirmation. As the state's Vector Control Branch continues to struggle with a staffing shortage, the public is being called upon to help.

Dengue Fever is spread by mosquitos. In these tight budget times, two Oahu lawmakers are joining forces for an education campaign that, they say, won't cost a dime, but will do a lot to control Dengue in Hawaii.

The plants are beautiful and so are the pots they're growing in. But inside each one could be a breeding ground for mosquitos, potential carriers of Dengue Fever.

"It's something that everyone, I think, statewide needs to be very aware of and to be taking preventive measures within their own neighborhoods, within their own homes," Tulsi Gabbard-Tamayo, Honolulu City Council member, said.

Since March 24th, there have been four confirmed cases of Dengue Fever in Hawaii. Health officials are awaiting lab results for 48 suspected cases.

Gabbard-Tamayo and state Rep. John Mizuno hit the streets of Kalihi Valley Sunday to educate their constituents about ways to reduce the spread of the viral illness."

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