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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Japan : Wastewater rises, fears mount

Via NHK News :

" The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is struggling to remove pools of highly radioactive wastewater as fears of an overflow get more intense.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says wastewater levels rose around 6 centimeters inside the No.2 reactor turbine building, and in its utility tunnel, during the 24-hour period through Thursday morning.

Increases were also seen inside the No.3 and 4 reactor turbine buildings.

The water level in the utility tunnel is now just 28 centimeters from the surface outside the No.2 reactor, and 24 centimeters from the surface outside the No.3 reactor.

Tokyo Electric plans to start using a water purifier by the middle of this month. But as an emergency measure it's preparing to remove wastewater pooled inside the No.3 reactor turbine building to its turbine condenser.

The utility is also considering using 2 additional buildings inside the compound as storage.

The level of wastewater inside the No.1 reactor building dropped 8 centimeters on Thursday morning from Wednesday, unlike the other facilities.

Tokyo Electric is measuring the level of radiation in groundwater near the plant to check for possible wastewater leakage."

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