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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pakistan : Cholera breaks out in Khyber

Via The Nation :

" KHYBER AGENCY : Many people fell ill as cholera broke out in different parts of Khyber Agency, sources from health department and the locals said Sunday.

They said some 300 persons including women and children fell ill due to cholera break-out in various parts of the agency including Malagori, Pased khel, Khuga khel and Zekha khel.

Dr Abdul Qudoos while talking to media persons in Landi Kotal disclosed that 50 out of 300 affectees had been found serious, adding that they were referred to hospitals in Peshawar for treatment. He said that Malagori area was mainly affected by cholera where more than 200 cases had been registered so far.

Another responsible person of agency surgeon office told that it was not cholera and said that it was food poisoning that had adverse effects on the heaths of the locals in Khyber Agency. He said that cholera was a serious disease and could be tested in any registered laboratory."

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