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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mexico : Veracruz reported four deaths from dengue

Machine translated article from El Universal :

" The Ministry of Health indicates that the lab is analyzing two samples to confirm two cases of hemorrhagic dengue deaths

This year added four people killed in Veracruz as a result of hemorrhagic dengue, according to the head of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (SSA), Pablo Anaya Rivera.

The state official said laboratory found in samples of two other people to determine whether they died of this disease that is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito.

"Yes there have been four cases of deaths-are two under consideration are four confirmed," he said.

The public servant said that people who have died of this disease originated in the port of Veracruz, Martinez de la Torre, Poza Rica and Cosamaloapan.

He said that there is an outbreak of dengue in the Sanitary District in Martinez de la Torre and although it is in the process of control may take several months to reduce the number of cases."

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