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Friday, March 2, 2012

Ecuador : Dengue does not stop and go in 2012 and 2,061 cases

Machine translated article via El Universo :

" There are now 2,061 patients with dengue in the country, a figure that exceeds twice compared to 2011, when 854 were infected, according to the Ministry of Public Health. Only the provinces of Guayas, Manabi and Los Rios totaling 1,481 cases.

They are, respectively, 677 patients with dengue fever and 7 with bleeding (called serious by authorities), 436 of the classic and 5 of hemorrhagic and 356. Meanwhile, provinces are divided into twelve other 580 cases.

According to the ministry, it is estimated that the total size of the country, 70% environmental conditions are favorable for breeding of Aedes aegypti, the dengue vector, " which causes all the populations in these geographic areas is no possibility of getting this disease. " In Ecuador, the four serotypes of dengue virus."

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