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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Disaster in Japan: March 17 Live Blog

From Al Jazeera - Live Blog, this site gets updated regularly :

" 9:47am

Reuters news agency has reported that the Operators of a quake-crippled nuclear plant in Japan hope to run an electricity cable to the site on Thursday that could help pump water needed to cool reactors and spent fuel rods that have been overheating.Tokyo Electric Power Co. officials also said that radioactivity levels at the Daiichi nuclear facility, around 240 kms (150 miles) north of Tokyo, were declining.


A banner is displayed at the Real Madrid Vs Lyon UEFA Champions League match for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.


IAEA officials warned Japan in December 2008 that nuclear safety rules were outdated and earthquakes could cause "serious problems" for nuclear power stations, according to a leaked US embassy cable, reports Britain's Daily Telegraph:

The document states: "He [the IAEA official] explained that safety guides for seismic safety have only been revised three times in the last 35 years and that the IAEA is now re-examining them.

"Also, the presenter noted recent earthquakes in some cases have exceeded the design basis for some nuclear plants, and that this is a serious problem that is now driving seismic safety work."

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