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Friday, May 20, 2011

Indonesia : Bird Flu Still toward Kalteng

Machine translated article from Jawa Pos National Network :

" Sampit bird-flu outbreak is still not go away from Central Kalimantan. In the district of East Kotawarimngin, precisely in Keluarahan Sawahan Sub New Mentawa Ketapang, Sampit, local officials found some residents chicken that died suddenly.

Head of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Distanak Kotim Ir Milky eka Ward, chickens that died suddenly it amounted to four tails, and then examined using a rapid test with positive result suspect bird flu virus (H5N1).

"Initially we were getting reports from residents and positive chickens suspected of a kind kate and broiler chickens. Indeed, while it was still suspected, because of the chicken carcasses will be sent in advance to the Center of Investigation and Testing Veterinary (BPPV), Banjar Baru, for sure if the four chickens it's really positive for bird flu or not, "he told reporters yesterday.

In addition, through laboratory examination was also to find out what the cause of death of chickens in order to anticipate further steps could be taken immediately. To find out the results of these tests are usually the most rapid Milky say 1 week after the chicken carcasses to the laboratory."

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