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Monday, May 23, 2011

South Darfur : Otash IDPs beg for help as diarrhea outbreak kills tens of children

Article from Radio Dabanga :

" The displaced people of Otash IDP camp near Nyala in South Darfur launched a desperate call for help to the United Nations and humanitarian organizations working in the field of health to save the lives of thousands of children after diarrhea spread in the camp, taking the lives of hundreds.

Residents did not know the cause of the diarrhea. A sheikh from the camp revealed that ten children die daily in three centers out of eleven centers in the camp infected by the diarrhea.

A camp resident stated that a medical team from Nyala visited the camp and checked on the cases. The medical team promised to come back again but never fulfilled the promise. The sheikh also stated that the camp lacks any health center and that most of the displaced people are unable to go to Nyala hospital to treat their children due to the high costs.

He also stated that the appearance of the diarrhea coincided with the water crisis in the camp and that the disease infected children aged between two months to five years old."

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