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Monday, May 23, 2011

Philippines : Number of dengue cases increases in Baguio City

Via The Manila Times :

" BAGUIO CITY: The City Health Services Office (CHSO) in Baguio City has confirmed that there was an increase of dengue cases in the city, recording 42 such cases since January as compared to the 30 registered in the same period last year.

Although there was no recorded clustering of dengue cases in the city’s 128 villages, Donabel Tubera, CHSO medical officer 4, advised the public to be vigilant and ensure that their households and backyards are free of possible dengue mosquito breeding sites.

“Those who have fever should immediately consult a doctor. For free consultation, the public could go to the nearest health centers or to the CHSO,” she said.

The health services office recently conducted a Dengue Awareness Caravan at the South Sanitary Camp village to encourage the public to be alert and take part in preventing the spread of the disease.

The project includes “Operation Taob” for empty containers and “Operation Yugyug” for plants."

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