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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Indonesia : Suspected bird flu patient dies in Bandung

Via Asia One News :

" After being isolated for more than 30 hours, a 37-year-old paperboy, SA, suspected of being infected with bird flu died on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. in the isolation room of Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung, West Java.

The spokesman for avian flu control with the hospital, Primal Sudjana, said SA suffered respiratory failure on Tuesday and the team decided to apply life support.

"We've done according to standard procedure [to handle bird flu suspect] by using a ventilator and Tamiflu. Unfortunately, his condition was too severe already," Primal said.

According to the family's statement taken by the team, SA along with his wife and two children had the flu, but SA had the worst symptoms. SA's wife said that SA had no record of direct contact with birds, but their neighbors did have ducks.

Primal said that samples of SA's blood and mucus had been taken and sent to the Health Ministry's lab in Jakarta.

Separately, the hospital's medical director, Rudi Kadarsyah, declined to confirm SA's cause of the death at this time.

Rudi said he was waiting for the lab results, noting that the team of doctors only suspected the patient had contracted the bird flu virus, as he demonstrated the symptoms of the disease.

"The physical symptoms were indicative of [bird flu] because he felt pains in his lungs, other body organs and respiratory systems" he said as quoted by"

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