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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

H1N1 kills pregnant woman and her baby in Brazil

Via Global Post :

" A 27-year-old pregnant woman and her baby died Tuesday after a week-long stay in the hospital with H1N1.

A 27-year-old pregnant woman died of multiple organ failure Tuesday after a week-long stay in the hospital with H1N1, reported Brazilian news site Terra. The woman had been in Maternidade-Escola Assis Chateubriand hospital in Fortaleza since March 7. Her baby died of cardio-respiratory failure before she was able to get medical help.

Before reaching Maternidade-Escola Assis Chateubriand, the woman passed through two municipal hospitals in Fortaleza, where she was initially diagnosed with dengue fever, according to Globo's G1 news site. Her family is now concerned about people who came in close contact with her, particularly her daughter, although medical personnel examined the girl and said she has not been diagnosed with H1N1.

Another pregnant woman, 21, was also admitted to the same hospital and diagnosed with H1N1 last week, reported newspaper Diário do Nordeste. She underwent an emergency C-section on Saturday and her baby is now in the neo-natal intensive care unit because of complications. The mother is also in intensive care."

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