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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hawaii : Dengue-carrying mosquito found on Oahu

Via Khon 2 :

" A mosquito that has not been found on Oahu since 1949 was recently discovered at Honolulu Airport.

State health officials say it's a big concern because this particular species can quickly spread dengue and yellow fever if it's infected.

Vector control found eight of these mosquitoes in a trap set up at the airport.

The Health Department made the announcement this afternoon.

This is what the mosquito looks like.

The species is Aedes aegypti.

"Aedes aegypti are commonly found throughout the Pacific area where there are serious outbreaks of dengue fever," said Bruce Anderson, Former State Health Director.

Vector Control has ovitraps set up at Honolulu Airport.

One of the traps the week of January 9th had 20 mosquito eggs in it -- eight of which health officials believed were Aedes aegypti.

They confirmed their beliefs after watching the four female and four male mosquitoes grow into adults.

"They are aggressive mosquitoes. They bite many people in sequence which allows them to transmit the disease," said Anderson.

The aegypti mosquito has been found in a few isolated areas on the Big Island.

But this is the first time in more than sixty years that it's appeared on Oahu."

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