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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Australia : Flu vaccine supplies dry up

Via The Canberra Times :

" An unexpected surge in demand has all but exhausted supplies of the seasonal flu vaccine and it is unlikely more stock will become available.

A stockpile of the vaccine remains available for people eligible for a free government vaccination program designed to target high-risk groups, including the elderly, pregnant women, the chronically ill and indigenous people.

Pharmacy Guild ACT president Amanda Galbraith said last night pharmacies were unable to meet demand from an unexpectedly large number of people who fell outside designated high-risk groups but still wanted to be vaccinated.

''We don't have enough supplies and they're not manufacturing any more in 2010,'' she said.

Ms Galbraith said people who were having difficulty getting flu vaccine scripts filled could try different pharmacies ''but I'm not sure how much luck they will have''.

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