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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Malaysia : Mysterious outbreak turns out to be food poisoning

Via The Star :

" IPOH: The mysterious illness that caused 179 pupils of SJK (C) Wah Keow in Langkap, Teluk Intan, to fall sick was discovered to be food poisoning.

State Health Committee chairman Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said tests on food samples taken from the school canteen revealed that it was infected with the streptococcus bacteria.

“The food handler's hands were also found to have the bacteria,” he said yesterday, adding that action would be taken against the food handler.

Speaking to reporters here after opening a cancer awareness campaign, Dr Mah said that all the effected pupils have now recovered.

On May 11, the pupils complained of abdominal pains, vomiting, fever, cough, influenza, diarrhoea, headache, dizziness and sore throat."

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