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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ukraine : Film Helps Save Birds from Avian Flu

Via USAid :

" Although avian influenza (AI) has disappeared from the headlines, it remains a very real threat in Crimea, Ukraine, a poultry production region at the crossroads of bird migratory routes.

To motivate poultry farmers and others to use safe poultry handling practices, USAID and other groups carried out a public awareness campaign to prevent the spread of AI.

In 2009, Fauna, an NGO working on ecological issues, produced a short film and TV program to raise awareness of AI among the rural residents of Dzhankoy district, an area at high risk for outbreaks.

The film showed how the residents of the village of Zavet-Leninsky dealt with AI outbreaks during 2006. It demonstrated how to build wire coops to protect domestic birds from contact with wild birds and how to separate poultry from other animals to minimize the risk of AI infection.

The film featured local expert Mykola Arsievych, director of the Naturalist and Environmental Protection Center, who described how his team preserved the center’s exotic birds during the outbreak."

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