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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

India : Viruses are back with a bang

Via Times of India :

" BANGALORE : Along with the hope of reservoirs getting filled and parched agricultural lands seeing fresh green shoots, premonsoon season brings with it some miseries too. There is a an increase in the number of viral fever cases reported from hospitals in the city and various parts of the state.

Long queues at the out-patient departments of government hospitals and increasing waiting list of patients at private hospitals indicate the same. At Bowring Hospital and Lady Curzon Hospital, 40 viral fever cases are confirmed a day on an average. As on Monday, 22 persons with severe symptoms of viral fever have been admitted and put on IV fluids.

Similarly, at K C General Hospital, an average of 30 viral fever patients are being attended everyday. Not surprisingly , there has been a significant rise in chikungunya lapse cases. With the recent rain providing an opportunity for mosquitoes to breed, dengue and fever with dengue-like symptoms are also increasing. According to BBMP chief health officer Dr L T Gayatri , in 113 BBMP hospitals and dispensaries, there have been a regular flow of viral fever cases with more than 100 cases being reported everyday. From the BBMP hospitals alone, 22 dengue and 27 positive chikungunya cases have been reported. "

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