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Monday, June 7, 2010

India : Dengue fever spreading in Kasargod Taluk

From Deccan Herald :

" Officials of the Health Department informed at a development meeting that Dengue fever spreading in Kasargod taluk.

In 2010, a total of 45 people suffered from Dengue in the district and out of it, 30 belonged to Kasargod taluk.

Maximum number of cases are reported in Kuttikol Gram Panchayat, where 15 persons were reported to be suffering from Dengue fever and one died.

In 2009, 48 people had Dengue fever, wherein 30 persons belonged to Kasargod taluk.

Fever, eye strain, body pain, muscle pain, vomiting, stomach pain, redness in stool and weakness are the symptoms of Dengue fever.

The fever spreads through mosquitos belonging to aedes family. Mosquitos in arecanut and rubber plantations too may cause the disease."

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