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Friday, June 11, 2010

India : Swine flu scare returns, 12 die in a week

Via IBN, H1N1 is making it's comeback in India, and the situation is not looking good :

" New Delhi: Twelve deaths due to swine flu in one week is causing concern in the southern states. And, a surge in cases has been noticed since the onset of monsoons.

While four deaths were reported each from Maharashtra and Kerala, one death was reported from Karnataka. Mumbai has reported three deaths in the past one week and Pune one on Friday. Mumbai has also confirmed 15 positive cases and Pune has confirmed 16 so far.

Meanwhile, the biggest surge in H1N1 cases is in Tirvananthapuram in Kerala. About 15 new cases have been quarantined at the hospital even as 47 patients are undergoing treatment at home and another 65 swabs have been sent for testing.

Last week, 30 new cases were reported across the country. Experts say the surge is because of higher levels of humidity.

Health officials say the government is prepared for swine flu this monsoon with India's first indigenous vaccine.

Dr. Abhay Chaudhury, Director, Haffkine Institute, says: "Government has taken appropriate measures for this year. The drugs are available, all the stocks are properly maintained at different hospitals and dispensaries. And, I think we are better prepared definitely. Of course on the testing front, we are better prepared than last year when we started in August."

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