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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bolivia issues dengue alert following 23 deaths

Via Xinhua :

" Bolivia's Health Ministry Tuesday called on its people to keep vigilant against any symptoms of dengue after 23 fatalities and 4,000 cases of infection were reported nationwide in recent days.

Most cases have concentrated in the Amazon region of the South American country, with the highest numbers registered in the provinces of Beni and Santa Cruz, said Health Minister Nila Heredia.

In the Santa Cruz province alone, 11 of the 23 fatalities and some 1,200 cases were reported, Heredia said.

At the main children's hospital in Santa Cruz, there has been a daily admission of up to 50 new dengue cases this week, Heredia said.

Health authorities have alerted local information networks to call on mothers of infants and young children who are particularly vulnerable to dengue to swiftly report to the nearest hospitals if their infants and children have any dengue symptoms."

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